Your Walls


Love Too

A large rock formation breaks through the hillside in a very different view from Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada.A view from the Rialto Bridge of the  Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.Rockstar. A close of up of a Lily on a summer afternoon with some creative strobe flash to create this all in-camera effect.Mocha. Stories shared over a hot beverage are synonymous with "going for coffee". The connection with others is the key.Majestic. Captured from 40,000 feet on a flight over the French Alps, this view of greatness is hard to forget.Boundless. A tribute of abstract smoke art for a influential teacher in my life. The loss of his touched my soul.Amore. For the love of Venice, the ride on a gondola along a quiet back canal is something to be experienced.Emotion. Like the rise and fall of the waves of the ocean, our emotions change based on our experiences in life's wake.Contrast. A gloomy afternoon in Banff presented a unique perspective of the mountain line the lay in shadow of the nondescript light.Hunger. An empty spoon. Simple in message, but difficult in understanding why so many have to go hungry.Expanse. While one vacation we approached a group of islands in the midst. Perfectly outlined in the pastel landscape, they waited.Sunkissed. While travelling back from a wedding along Hwy #3 near Morden, Manitoba, I captured this field as a foreground to what was a beautiful sunset before the storm. This has been featured in a Canadian Geographic publication.Imagine. The walls of Pompei wait for their guests to discover a colourful past. Painted on these walls in the old town market.Stormchasing. There are times when you are gifted what you didn't seek. This was a beautiful sunset after chasing a storm near home.Play. There is something about the rise and fall of the keys in classical piano that are very soothing.